Age is just a number

Introducing Bert (79) and Christine (75) Royals Gym’s oldest fitness couple. Proving that age is no barrier to achieving a healthier more active lifestyle and reaping the rewards of improved balance, coordination and strength from resistance training.

You’re never to old to make that change 💪🏼


Front rack position

Today @sarahcheneryfitness has been working in the front rack position doing front rack squats and lunges. Brilliant exercises for building the hamstrings, glutes and improving core strength and balance.

Fancy giving it a go? Just ask us, we’re more than happy to show you!


Pure Elite world champion Joshu-Blue Majury visits Royals Gym!

Awesome little review from Josh, super nice guy and incredible physique. Check out his YouTube channel for more videos!

Wishing you all the best for retaining that title 💪🏼


Holbeach Food Fair

Had an awesome day with my fellow PT at Holbeach Food Fair, was great to get out and meet the public face to face and we’ve had some brilliant feedback from everyone. Pre signups are now live, go to the members section to secure yours!



I’m pleased to announce that Royals Gym will be opening August 4th 2018.

Check back soon for pre sign ups!




The planning permission has been accepted and Royals Gym will be opening soon!




To all those that haven’t yet heard, I’ll be leaving the Royal Marines in August 2018 and I’m pleased to announce that I’ve secured a building to finally open Royals Gym!
This all now hinges on a successful planning application to get a change of use, and if successful should see Royals Gym opening in the summer of 2018 

Please feel free to read the following article.


Northern Region Championships 2017


The Northern Region Champs took place at HMNB Clyde and this time I entered the competition full power rather than single lift deadlift. I haven’t competed full power for 12-18months and in all honesty I’ve missed it. I’m thankful for my success in deadlift, but competiton days drag when you’re the last to lift at every event, and so today was a welcomed change. I opened my squat with 120kg, followed by 130kg as a second lift and a third successful PB lift of 140kg. This is a huge improvement from my last full power where my PB was set at 120kg. The bench press has always been a weakness of mine and again it showed. I opened at 85kg to the progress to 90kg as a second successful lift but failing my 3rd lift at 92.5kg. Any hints and tips for those of us with longer leavers would be greatly appreciated. Finally the deadlift, which is always a favorite of mine for obvious reasons and thankfully I had last weeks combined services to base my lifts upon. I opened at 200kg, opted for 215kg as my second lift and 220kg for my third lift, to which I was successful. A better performance since the last 2 competitions and after weighing in at 73.3kg I’m back up to 3x body weight.

Although the majority of lifters at today’s comp were new to the sport, I’m pleased that I won overall and with my own lifts. It’s the kick I’ve needed to get me back into the sport and hopefully I can progress from here on and be successful at British Nationals next year.


Combined Services Championships 2017



Last week was the combined services champs, this year being hosted by the Army but due to a problem with their venue it took place at RAF Shawbury. I was lucky enough to be selected again for the Navy team as a single lift deadlifter, weighing in @73.3kg.

After my disappointment at Worlds, my training and diet slumped slightly and it took me a while to snap out of it and get myself back in the gym. As such I went to combined services not really knowing where my 1RM was and so I played it quite conservative, opening at 200kg. I lifted this quite comfortably and opted for 215kg as my second lift, to which I was successful. After some discussion with the Navy team manager I went for 227.5kg as my third lift, which I failed. I can make excuses all day long and there are other factors that come in to play with why my form has been poor, but ultimately its my own fault and it comes down to poor diet and lack of training.