Personal Training

Prices: £25 an hour or £200 for 10 hours

At Royals Gym we have fully qualified male and female Personal Trainers to help you reach your goals faster.

Personal Training sessions will include a detailed body composition analysis which will enable us to measure your Bodyfat Percentage, Body Mass Index and Basal Metabolic Rate.

We’ll use this information and your goals to tailor a specific programme to suit you, your body and your lifestyle.

Our Personal Trainers are also able to offer nutritional advice to fine tune those results even further.



Since becoming a personal trainer at the age 18 I have had over 6 years of experience working with people from all different backgrounds.  From ultra-marathon runners to those trying to drop a dress size for a holiday. In 2015 I left the gym environment and moved to London to become a support tutor for students completing their personal training qualifications. After just over a year I decided to come back to Lincolnshire to continue with my passion of being the personal trainer.

Whatever your fitness goal I’ll be there every step of the way. Working together to get you the results you want! Not just telling you what to do but teaching you how and why. Ensuring you stay fit for life.

In 2016 I competed in my first junior men’s physique show at Pure Elite. This really motivated me to try and push my physique to the next level. I’m going to compete again in 2019, making sure I bring a bigger and better physique to the stage.



My main ambition is to inspire others to achieve their goals whether it is to tone up, lose weight or gain confidence in the gym. I would like to break the stigma that women will become big and muscly if they do weight training. Ladies, I assure you this is a myth.

Training in the gym has done wonders to my self-esteem and confidence and this is something I want to be able to help my clients with. I know at times stepping into the gym can seem a little intimidating and daunting place and so I aim not only to help clients reach their goals but to help build confidence whilst ensuring my clients give it a 100% in every session.


In 2017 I competed in my first physique competition at BodyPower, thouroughly enjoying the whole experience I was driven to compete again and determined to place in my next competition.

In 2018 I competed at the Pure Elite World Championships, finishing 1st place in the armature couples category and being awarded my professional status. I also finished 2nd in the bikini round and 5th in the fitness.

I am hoping to further improve my knowledge in the fitness industry by going on a Pre and Postnatal Exercise Course to help all the new mums with exercise.

Watch this space!